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Where is Shimoda Life?

We are happily nestled in Shimoda, Japan, a small surf town, a beach town, a tourist town, a laid back weekend destination for Tokyoites, with a rich history, perched at the bottom of the Izu Peninsula, about 90 kms due south of Mt. Fuji, and 150 kms south of Tokyo.

What is Shimoda Life?

Shimoda Life is all about homesteading in Japan. I started living in Japan 34 years ago, and left the Tokyo rat-race some years back to enjoy the countryside and seaside life of Shimoda, a wonderful little town on the Izu peninsula with a rich history, semi-tropical climate, and plenty of great people. I bought some mountain land, and now my goal is to carve out a livable space and build a timber frame home for me and my family.

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A Timber Frame Saw Horse

This week I’m entering the wonderful world of timber framing. Timber framing exists in Japan as well as the west, but there are decided differences, but both share the same fundamental importance of joinery. For this first project, I make a useful product, with the most basic and important joint in timber framing: the mortise…

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